Check out these cool mods sims 4

Loud & Cheer

The cheer mats from High School Stories simplified & made invisible – both for solo and group options!


Fantastical Play Rug


The Fantastical Play Tent from Dream Home Decorators but in a rug format! All the functionality in a different look. For full customization you can fully hide the rug.

Little Campers Kit Add-On


The Little Campers add on set adds new items & functionality to the kit based on your requests! Includes separate swing sets, a functional jungle gym, deco, & chairs!

Clip Art Display


Display you simmie kids are with the Clip Art series! Artwork done on the activity table or place mat will snap to the clips in this set! The single clip is compatible with the Peg To Differ pegboards.

Functional Drinks Tray


  • BG
  • Five colors
  • Available for purchase in construction mode (Kitchen- Small appliances)
  • You can serve up to 6 glasses
  • The “Grab a Drink with” other Sims selection menu is available
  • Empty the tray with one button or refill
  • An empty tray can be carried in the sim’s luggage


Functional pizza vending machine

CONTROL ♡ a preset pack by peachyfaerie