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Sneak Out with this High School Years Mod!

Check Today’s Events and Sneak out


Ok, this is a very quick mod, because it drove me crazy my Sim never ever got any invite for any party, so he couldn’t sneak out during his entire high school experience and couldn’t complete his aspiration without cheating.

Well, that’s also a kind of cheating, but it feels like less cheating 😀

I don’t know how to make invites more frequent so instead I just added interaction on the phone (Social) to Check Today’s Events. It will give you possibility to go to (or sneak out to) events from game: pop concert, school game, college party or a movie for adults. It works exactly the same way as after getting the invite, just instead of waiting for an invite you just invite yourself lol.

Sometimes you can get notification there is nothing going on as well, maybe at some point I’ll have an idea and I’ll expand this mod, who knows.

For the mod to work you need also XML injector (the current version). 

High School Years expansion is mandatory for it to work.

City Living and Dynamic Teen Life (adeepindigo’s mod) are optional, but you won’t be able to go to certain events without them.

If someone else already created something similar, sorry, I didn’t think to check 😉