Teen Stories and Activities

Teen Stories and Activities


What is this mod?


I love focusing on my teenage sims, but sometimes I know the game can’t do things that I would like them to do. So I created 15+ rabbit hole activities they can go to. But it’s different because I have added a system where you can/have to ask for permission to go out and if you don’t you get in trouble. For the activities, there are also some requirements, like you, need to ask a friend to hang out with you or ask someone about upcoming parties in order to attend.


In order to unlock the parent interactions, you need to left-shift click on your sim. There are three options, Permissive Parent, Uninvolved Parent, and Strict Parent. Each one of these traits has different outcomes when you interact with your sim. I didn’t lock the interactions to what the game considers a parent because there might be special cases.


If you ask the sim with one of the parent traits to go out and they say yes, your sim will go out and come back and the options to confront your child for going out will not appear. If the teenage sim leaves without permission dialogue options will open up for you to confront the teenager for sneaking out.

If you want don’t want the social interactions to appear for a teen who went out without permission you can select the option Has Uninvolved Parent, by left-shit clicking on the teenage sim.

There are also social interactions available among the teens themselves.

learn more Here :https://www.maplebellsmods.studio/post/youth-stories-and-activities




Throw a high school party without needing to invite any high schoolers so it can be a true high school party rager!

So I have always wanted to throw rages when playing as a teen in the game, but what do you do when you literally know like five other teenagers… it sucks. Also, a bunch of rando’s show up at high school parties. So I created an event where you basically just kinda invite whoever (teens ofc) and then a bunch of random teenagers also come to your party. So it’s the perfect “rager”


Get your children to get their homework done after school at school. This way you don’t have to worry about taking care of getting them to do their homework.


With this mod you can simply just either use your phone (as a teen or child) or as a parent go on your computer and sign your child up for the tutoring after-school activity. The activity lasts 2 hours and you basically do your homework there.

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More Best Friends

This tuning Mods lets your Sims have more than one best Friend.

The original Mod of ReubenHood does not work anymore so i updated it.

Updating the old Mod unlocked the “Become Best Friends” Interaction but still only let you have one Best Friend.

Therefore i had to modify another xml to actually let you have multiple best Friends.

Parenting Skill for Teens & more

This Mod unlocks the Parenting Skill for Teens & more (Parenthood GP)

Unlocked “statistic_Skill_AdultMajor_Parenting” for Teens so Teens have now all Interactions of Parenting too!

Added the following Relationship Requirements to the Parenting Interactions so other Family Members can discipline Teens & Co. too :

  • family_brother_sister
  • family_grandparent
  • family_cousin
  • family_stepsibling
  • family_aunt_uncle

Unlocked “Ask not to Do” to all Sims (Teens and above) so you can now ask Children who are not a Part of your Family to not do a Mess.


What Roommates do

  • Well, first they are just Roommates and act like normal Sims
  • They pay 500$ Rent every Friday
  • They go to School or Work (if they have a real Job). They’ll not come back on their own after, you need to call them Home via Phone. Or you can add the Roommate Lot Trait to your Home Lot. With this added to your Home Roommates will come Home on their own after School/Work.
  • When Roommates get pregnant while living with you a Notification will pop up informing you who got pregnant and who the other parent is. They will not be able to give birth while being your Roommate. You need to cancel the Roommate Aggreement and add them to your Household or give them a real Home so they can give Birth etc.
  • Roommates (Young Adult  Adult) without a career will have a chance to choose a Career on their own

School Holidays

When Sims wake up they can get a Holiday Buff (Only Teens/Children). All Children/Teens in the Household will get the same Buff and have the same Holiday length. Any Sim can trigger the Holiday Buff no matter if they are the first or last to go to sleep within the Timeframe. As long as the Buff is active Kids/Teens don’t have to go to School. You’ll get the “On holiday” in the UI. But after 3 pm the Timer will go back to xx hrs until School bla bla. Don’t worry if you still have the Buff you’ll again have a free day when your Sims go to sleep.

Let Friends Age Up

I like to play with aging off. When my Sims age up i want to let their friends also age up. I’m too lazy to do it one by one so i made this Mod






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