Mods Folder for Better Game Play

Mods Folder for Better Game Play

SIMS4 Patty Cake MOD


  • First install the package and Ts4script not more than one folder deep into your mods folder.
  • select a sim and the interaction is located at the beginning not in any piemenu.
  • A child can ask another child or a toddler to patty cake, the toddler  can ask an adult or child to patty cake and adult can only ask a toddler  at the moment
  • There are 14 animations for the some of you’se that use Andrew pose player the animations are cut in, loop, Out, for code to be able to loop the interaction for 120 sim minutes.
  • You can actually cancel the interaction instead of waiting for 120 sim minute like the timeout box.



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Family Activities

These are all rabbithole activities. They are available both on the phone under “Indigo” or on the computer under “Household”. They last anywhere from 45 minutes to 5 hours and all receive a buff (some new, some game buffs they’d receive if they did that activity in game), and some receive extra goodies

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Invite Any Toddlers to Play Date

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What is this mod?

I love focusing on my teenage sims, but sometimes I know the game can’t do things that I would like them to do. So I created 15+ rabbit hole activities they can go to. But it’s different because I have added a system where you can/have to ask for permission to go out and if you don’t you get in trouble. For the activities, there are also some requirements, like you, need to ask a friend to hang out with you or ask someone about upcoming parties in order to attend.

In order to unlock the parent interactions, you need to left-shift click on your sim. There are three options, Permissive Parent, Uninvolved Parent, and Strict Parent. Each one of these traits has different outcomes when you interact with your sim. I didn’t lock the interactions to what the game considers a parent because there might be special cases.