sims 4 cc finds

sims 4 cc finds

sims 4


Eddie Munson’s tattoos from Stranger Things season 4




“I’d just want your heart, yeah, I’d want your heart.” A set of three couples poses based on the Netflix show First Kill.

These poses add a height difference to the Sims they’re used on, and as such probably won’t work too well if you use height sliders.

Required Accessory: Stake by @atashi77. These poses use both the left and right hand versions.



14 total poses (4 solo, 3 group poses) from various Marvel edits I’ve made recently.

Required: Acc PS4 controller by arthurlumierecc. This accessory is used for Pose #4.




Updated the files from my original post. Originally in 2020 I only made the suits from The Amazing Spider-Man and Insomniac’s Spider-Man game. I have now added three additional suits: The suit from the original Spider-Man movies, the black suit from Spider-Man 3, and the integrated suit from Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The suit has ten swatches, with each of the five suits having a damaged version. The mask comes in five swatches. This download replaces the previous package files. If you have already downloaded my recolors, please delete those files and re-download them. You do not need to redownload the mesh files, only mine.



A set based on Hawkeye and Hawkeye. For Kate Bishop I made a bodysuit. It comes in six swatches (two colors, three variations each on hip/shoulder coverage). I also made archery gloves and a t-shirt for Clint Barton. The t-shirt comes in four swatches.

The archery gloves aren’t perfect, but I couldn’t find any other ones so I’m including them in case anyone wants them. They only come in one swatch (black), are enabled for both frames, and have a custom thumbnail.

Spooky movie posters sims 4

Happy Halloween! Here are all four of my treats for this year’s Simblreen event.

Halloween Sweaters

Eight sweaters for Halloween/Autumn based off some I found online. Two versions, one for f-framed sims and one for m-framed.

Spooky Movie Posters II

Another set of horror/Halloween/autumnal movie posters remade in Simlish. Movies used: Fear Street (parts 1-3), Zombieland, Unfriended, Twitches, The Phantom of the Opera, The Mummy, The Craft, Silent Hill, Perfect Blue, Ma, Happy Death Day, Freaky, Child’s Play, and The Blair Witch Project.